Summer PE health

Students are required to attend 12/16 on-campus sessions.

Physical Education: This section provides an opportunity for students to participate in individual, lifetime, and team sports in an effort to learn and increase movement and skills, develop good sportsmanship and teamwork, and increase knowledge and appreciation of the sports in which they participate.

Requirements: All requirements must be met and all assignments must be completed by the last day of assigned session week.

2021 Summer PE

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Sessions Offered:

Session 1 (June 1-June 24 ; 7am-9am) ; Session 2A and 2B (June 1-June 24 ; 9am-11am; Session 3 (June 1-June 24 ; 5pm-7pm) ; Session 4 (June 28-July 22 ; 7am-9am) ; Session 5 (June 28-July 22 ; 3pm-5pm). Contact our Dean of Academics Aubrey DeJohn with any questions. (dejohna@sjabr.org; 388-2269).

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